Q: Is Satan but a rebel figure or a perfect deception? Do you believe he is real?

My honest answer will probably piss people off BUT in short I believe in the possibility of anything being real.  I’m just a human-I acknowledge my ignorance. Do I feel like his existence is probable/does it speak to me? Not really.  I enjoy the idea of Satan, and I enjoy embracing my natural hedonism and dark nature, but I would do that with or without the concept of Satan.  I hate Christianity- more for historical and political reasons than spiritual passion.  Satan worship is still an obsession with an aspect of Christianity…so I doubt I’ll ever be into much more than just the imagery of it.  I guess in that sense he is a rebel figure (for most people I’ve talked to about this it seems they are just looking for an anti-religious icon to hail, which is backwards but does make sense in certain context). What do you mean by perfect deception? That was a kind of crappy non-answer…sorry.

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man door hand hook car door is honestly still the best story i’ve ever read

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